Criminal Defense

Mark Stephens began practicing law in 1980. “Knowing that I wanted to dedicate myself to defending persons accused of crime, a mentor once told me that I needed to spend a couple of years in the prosecutor’s office to learn how it works … to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of the office. So that’s what I did. In the early 80’s, I spent a couple of years as an Assistant District Attorney General prosecuting cases. And my mentor was correct, not only did it affirm my commitment to criminal defense work, but it made me a better criminal defense attorney.”

Mr. Stephens has spent 37 of his nearly 40-year career defending people who have been charged with a crime. He has handled nearly every kind of case imaginable. He is a proven, accomplished trial lawyer who was inducted as a Fellow into the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers in 2018. Mr. Stephens has tried to a jury verdict more than 75 cases, mostly homicides, or cases involving allegations of violence.

Most of his nearly 40-year career has been in the defense of persons accused of crime.

Mark Stephens is eminently qualified to handle any criminal case, be it a misdemeanor or felony.

Over his career, he has handled about every kind of case, from public intoxication to first degree murder. “I feel I’m as qualified, or more qualified, than any attorney in town and will give your case the attention and dedication it deserves.”

Offenses Against Person: assaults, homicides, kidnapping, robbery, sexual offenses. Offenses against the person are often prioritized by the prosecutor’s office. Mr. Stephens’ experience in the representation of individuals charged with an offense against a person is unparalleled. He has dedicated his career to representing persons charged with violations of the law that involve allegations of violence. His extensive trial experience (over 75 violent crime jury trials in his career) is unparalleled.

Offenses against Property: theft, burglary, arson, vandalism, criminal trespass. Offenses against property can present significant long-term collateral consequences if not properly handled. Mr. Stephens’ experience in criminal defense representation is unparalleled. He has dedicated his career to representing persons charged with criminal violations.