My mission at the Law Office of Mark E. Stephens is to provide zealous, competent, holistic, client-centered legal representation for my clients, at all times attempting to secure the best possible outcomes for their cases while securing increased client self-sufficiency and integration into our community.



I will actively pursue justice for my clients. I recognize that justice is not just an outcome; it is equally a process. I promise to fight for my clients, working to secure justice for all of them.

Client Dignity

I practice client-centered representation.

  • I will show my clients, their families and loved ones, respect.
  • I will listen to my clients, taking them and their situation seriously.
  • I will afford my clients a meaningful role in their representation. I welcome their contribution.
  • I will not bully a client into accepting a plea bargain.
  • I will be courteous to my clients, not unfairly dismissive to their concerns, questions or suggestions about their case.
  • I will fully inform my clients regarding all aspects of their case. Further, I will advise my clients as to what I believe is the appropriate choice to make in their case. However, as a client-centered attorney, I respect my client’s right to choose the ultimate strategy to pursue in his or her case. Once my client chooses his/her case strategy, I will pursue that strategy with the same enthusiasm and desire to succeed as if I had chosen the strategy.
Effective Communication

I will communicate effectively with my clients.

  • I promise to make myself available to my clients, promptly returning my client’s phone calls and responding to letters and inquiries.
  • I will attempt to communicate with my clients in a manner that allows the client to understand my message and I will take the necessary steps to make sure my client understands what my staff are communicating to him/her.

I will at all times maintain a strong adherence to professional ethics and conduct.

Competent Representation

My legal representation will demonstrate an adherence to professional standards.

  • I will be thorough and prepared.
  • I will investigate all the relevant facts of the case.
  • I will gather all relevant social history information about my clients that could be relevant to guilt/innocence as well as mitigation.
  • I will know the law relevant to my client’s case.
  • I will identify and research potential legal challenges that can be made in my client’s case.
  • I will evaluate each client’s sentencing exposure as early as possible in the case.
  • I will interact with my client’s loved ones in a respectful manner to the extent authorized by the client and without disclosing client confidences.
  • I will protect the communications between the attorney and client. I will not share client confidences with anyone outside my staff.
  • I will continue to assist my clients when able even after his/her case has been resolved. This includes responding to client questions regarding jail credit, sentence calculation, probation conditions/problems, suspended sentence motions, etc.
Client Loyalty

I promise to subordinate all other professional relationships and pledge unwavering loyalty to my client.